2017-11-22 something witty

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A while back when google was first betaing the chromebook they sent out these machines called cr48 which were literally beta chromebooks beofre there were chromebooks. I was a part of that program and as a result I have one of these kicking around. My macbook air died about a month ago, as a result I have been going through all of my old hardware trying to find some type of machine that I can get things done on. A while back I modified the firmware of this laptop so that I could just treat it as a regular linux box, cool great I can load ubuntu 16.10 or something. The downside is the screen is pretty small and there is no backlight. Also it turns out that the platform itself is a 32bit architecture… Chrome has stopped supporting their browser for 32 bit, sad face. This alone is almost a deal breaker because the laptop does not have much for storage which I had intended to do the majority of my work with it in a browser. O well I guess it is gonna be thinkpads until i figure out what kind of hardware to run… if anyone has a macbook air I would gladly take it off there hands…

format change.

In a short time I might diverge a little bit from a technical what did I learn, and into a life/parenting what did I learn, but we will see if I manage to do that or if it is just one of those ideas that I have and then never follow through on…