2017-09-10 vim plugins, rg

1 minute read


Evil, evil, vim or is that zim because vim isn’t evil but neither was zim? Nope definitely vim, that’s whatI want to talk about today. That and ripgrep. I find myself bouncing between vim and sublime depending on what I am doing. Either way I went back into vim today and found a nice plugin that leverages ripgrep. The repo for ripgrep can be found here: ripgrep . Although it is a simple install on mac with abrew install ripgrep,you will need to install the rg binary in order to get the vim plugin to work right. I love ripgrep for command line stuff therefore, having it in vim should be pretty great. Julia evans talked about the ripgrep plugin I’m going to use here. / vim-sessions with a link to her vimrc file vimrc and the plugin itself lives here: vim-ripgrep Since I use pathogen for my plugin manager installing the ripgrep plugin is as simple as cloning that repo into my bundle location. The install process for pathogen can be found here: vim-pathogen . Once pathogen is all setup the magic happens pretty easily. Pop open a blank file or any file in vim and pay attention to the directory that you are in. Then just do a :Rg in this example I used the blog source and searched for vim. The result is a handy dandy window with all the files that contain your search. Then it is as simple as scrolling down and then opening the file and boom, Done/ I am sure that there are a few other intricacies to rg and vim but that is the quick win for this sunday blog post. Enjoy