2018-01-02 new year new everything

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New year

well its a new year and I am back at work. There has been a pretty big drought or posts since the last one, lets fill in the blanks a bit. This blog is going to get some different information this year. I think that I want to add in some aprenting stuff that I learned. At the end of last year we welcomed a baby girl in to the world. This is relevant because I am learning on the fly about being a dad. this is much the same was I learn about anything. Therefore it seems relevant that I add some what I learned about kids in here. If that is now up to your tastes then I’m sorry but its my world here and this is the journey we are going on.

macos 0day

This looks like it is only a local privilege escalation (LPE) flaw so it is just taking an already accessed machine and makes it worse. Not the end of the world but it is still pretty interesting stuff. It was just dumped to the internet without a disclosure. The explanation to this approach is because the mac bug bounty doesnt cover macos and the exploit is not remote. So meh

baby: the 5 S’s

five s There is a bit of backlog of baby stuff that I have learned. The most important stuff I have found to date is the techniques for the 5 S’s. These may not seem like much but they work incredibly well to calm our baby. Swaddle side shush swing suck. You can try each one of these or combine them all in order to get a baby to stop crying. Newborns have no way to really communicate and therefore only cry. Also they can get stuck in a feedback loop and not realize that its ok. So give that link a look and take a look at the magic of the 5. I have been shocked at how well they all work and most times I can have the patience to wait it out and get baby girl to calm using only those tchniques.