2017-03-21, dogs

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# dogs ADD took its toll and I wandered down this rabbit hole, pparently the dog greeting stretch is a thing. >The Greeting Stretch is a posture used only towards someone the dog likes and with whom he is comfortable. There is also a version of this where the dog leans forward and stretches his rear legs out behind him. In the greeting stretch, you will see a relaxed ear carriage and squinty eyes. The dogs have a liquid, languid look about them. “It is very flattering to have a dog greet you in this unrestrained, friendly and very respectful manner. This greeting acknowledges your personal space and is a request for the two of you to interact. [the-greeting-stretch](https://www.doglove.co/the-greeting-stretch/ "the-greeting-stretch") # docker swarm connecting to a docker swarm and running commands against it you need to setup you local DOCKER_HOST variable `export DOCKER_HOST\tcp://something` # tmux scrolling keyboard scrolling in tmux `ctrl+b then arrows`or pgup pgdown hurray!