2017-10-02 git refresher

1 minute read

git branching

How about a git refresher moment to remember how to use git. Different people and places have different ideas behind how source control should be handled. I have started a new job so I thought that it would be a good idea to refresh my knowledge on git branching strategies.
Alright we have done a clone of a repo, next step is to do a branch. Part of that step is doing a checkout of the master

# Checkout the master branch - you want your new branch to come from master
git checkout master

# Create a new branch named newfeature (give your branch its own simple informative name)
git branch newfeature

# Switch to your new branch
git checkout newfeature

Great now we have the branch and do some work in the branch.

# Fetch upstream master and merge with your repo's master branch
git fetch upstream
git checkout master
git merge upstream/master

# If there were any new commits, rebase your development branch
git checkout newfeature
git rebase master

Further cleanup doing some squashing of commits

# Rebase all commits on your development branch
git checkout 
git rebase -i master

which opens a text editor and you specify which commits to squash

footnotes: Chaser324/ce0505fbed06b947d962