2017-02-24 coffee, jekyll, hugo

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Today is the first day

I was listening to a podcast today, arrested devops and on it was julia evans she talked about writing a blog post every day about what she learned. Originally this was done for her workshop, in order to keep track of the days and things learned. I feel like it is a good idea so I shall give it a go.

What did I learn?

Today I learned about jekyll and hugo. As well as setting up jekyll to auto build and auto publish against github jeykll and the auto build can be found here github help pages about jekyll Additionally there is a nice jekyll composer here jekyll-compose the jekyll bootstrap is a great tool for setting this up jekyll-bootstrap

There are ways to get the local version up and running but it appears that I may not have that quite figured out yet.


well hugo was another static generator that I thought i was going to use but it turns out i had configured the auto-builder in jekyll an it just happened to work right. I received an email saying I had some styling issues but then i viewed the page and things looked good. Viola I have a static jekyll blog instead, and hugo gets shelved.

Coffee roasting

Completely unrelated note I did some more coffee roasting tonight and am still baffled by exactly how my roaster works. I know that i built it from a modified popcorn popper but every time I roast the subtle differences still happen. I am trying to be as technical and specific as possible but simply keeping an eye on the wattage used the beans the smell and the temperature seems to be the best viable option so far. I based the design off of this rewire I think thats a good start for the first day, lets see how this post looks