2017-03-28, dtrace

1 minute read


dtrace is pretty intereting and I need to learn more about it. Similar to strae which i also don’t know how to use. I did not get a chance to spend as much time as I wanted with dtrace so I will have to come back to this one dtrace-even-better-than-strace-for-osx.html


docker attach

Well Ctrl + C (or Ctrl + \ ) should detach you from the container but it kill the container because your main process is a bash. Type Ctrl + p , Ctrl + q will help you to turn interactive mode to daemon mode. See https://docs.docker.com/v1.7/articles/basics/#running-an-interactive-shell

But if you want to attach to an already running container you can do it like this docker exec -i -t <container id> /bin/bash as long as /bin/bash is available on the container you are good to go. Otherwise this might be a bit more interesting.


I became curious with some things ansible and took it for a spin. playbook-language-example Ansible works by essentially ssh-ing in to the hosts that are cofigured and then running the commands on those boxes. The nice thing about this is that there are not anible clients needed on the end nodes. This could be quite interresting and i think it warrants some more time spent on it .