2020-09-21 uni headsetcontrol

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there is a handy little thing written in go that can handle unicode lookups from the terminal. I like all things terminal so here it is.
go get arp242.net/uni
Which will then allow you to search unicode from the terminal nice and easy uni search unicorn

headset control

I use an arctis 7 for my work headset, it is pretty nice but since it is USB 2.4ghz it lacks some of the features up bluetooth.
One such feature is battery % in the taskbar.
This can be fixed by using a terminal app called “headsetcontrol” and combining it with my bitbar. https://github.com/Sapd/HeadsetControl Then add this script to the bitbar script folder.


HEADSET_BATTERY=$(/usr/local/bin/headsetcontrol -b -c)

Bitbar has no issues with the unicode for heaphones, it will output a nice cute little headphone icon.
A bonus option of this is turning on the feature in the headset to dump your audio to the headset as well. This help modulate your voice level and or hear your surroundings if that is something that you want headsetcontrol -s 64 will give you 50% of the total mix.

11:07 $ headsetcontrol -h
Headsetcontrol written by Sapd (Denis Arnst)

  -s level      Sets sidetone, level must be between 0 and 128
  -b            Checks the battery level
  -n soundid    Makes the headset play a notifiation
  -l 0|1        Switch lights (0 = off, 1 = on)
  -c            Cut unnecessary output
  -i time       Sets inactive time in minutes, level must be between 0 and 90, 0 disables the feature.
  -m            Retrieves the current chat-mix-dial level setting