2020-11-12 bfg -delete

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Help! I committed and pushed something dangerous to github

This happens we are not perfect and from time to time mistakes are made. Thats ok we can fix it with bfg

git add my-bad-file
git commit -a -m "im dumb"
git push origin master
# I did not mean to do that, I did not mean to do that
# Lets fix it
# i am in the repo folder named my-repo
rm my-bad-file
git commit -a -m "go away"
git push origin master
cd ../
bfg --delete-files my-bad-file my-repo/
# bfg runs things and does commits to the history
# bfg will also remove that filename from all paths so make sure it isn't reused

cd my-repo
git push origin master --force   #we have to force because we have rewritten the history and git complains about the thing we did

There we have it, simple enough but it is incredibly dangerous because you are rewriting git history, so be sure that you know what you are deleting