2017-03-15 akamai, python, artillery

1 minute read


Today I decided that it was time that I wrote a quick and easy script that would go through and dump akamai cache from a file that contained a list of links. This has been a manual process for the most part, and that is pretty terrible. Luckily there is a bunch of docs and doc examples out there for this kind of stuff. https://github.com/akamai-open/api-kickstart



You will need to create some api keys that can all be done through the luna portal, and after doing that and following the demo steps in the links above you will have a txt file. After cloning the repo at https://github.com/akamai-open/api-kickstart.git you can run the following commands and have the .edgerc config setup

python gen_edgerc.py -f <filename>
python gen_edgerc.py -f client-python-purge-script.txt
python verify_creds.py

Next I went in and modified the config and the ccu.py files so that you can pass the urlfile as a parameter and it is included in the help. the git repo is here. akamai-examples-modified


There is a load testing app out there called artillery it looks like it could be pretty useful in the future so i took a look and here it is https://artillery.io/docs/gettingstarted.html https://github.com/shoreditch-ops/artillery