2017-05-10, bujo

1 minute read

bullet journal conversion

I have been using bullet journal for a time now and finding that the paper notebook is difficult for my lifestyle and for at work where I spend my life on the computer and I just don’t want to have to carry the notebook and my laptop with me every time. I understand that part of the concept of the bujo is to physically write things. However this is a difficult task when I carry my laptop around with me everywhere I go. It was not feasible to always carry a notebook and a laptop and my waterbottle whenever I would attend meetings. For a while i left he notebook behind and would add reminders and then transcribe them. However this fell off as I would again not have my notebook when I would have transcription time. Instead I have decided that a good option is to follow the same bujo rules of rewriting tasks per day and simply doing a digital version of a bujo in evernote.

negation logic

If and not(this or that) is hard and makes my brain hurt a bit. Writing if not and/or logic gets very confusing very fast, discrete logic for the win.