2018-11-02 systemd-restarts-friday-links

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Systemd restart policy

sometimes services die. sometimes there is not a better option because of the situatuion that you are in, and you just need to wait it out and then restart the service… I know it isn’t ideal and that there should be better ways around having to do this but hey ¯_(ツ)_/¯


In my case I needed to wait it out and restart the service 2 hours after it died. because the process was filling up a hdd and the only option was to let the hdd drain, because the downstream process is the bottle neck. two hours of seconds equals 7200 seconds. yey


sometimes watching a command is super useful lets watch the disk space in MB for root every 30 seconds

watch -n 30 free -m /

friday link dump

some programming langauges that are useful if you are in security, while I dont agree that php is a great language there are times that i have had to read it…. 5-best-programming-languages-to-learn-for-cyber-security

automating things in the cloud, just some stuff for automating the-4-phases-to-automating-cloud-management

git prompt. I like having my terminal up to date with things because I have most of my files version controlled. personally i use bash-git-prompt but the article at least explains the usefulness of a git prompt why-linux-developers-should-use-gitprompt