2017-02-26 google, analytics, fitbit, dod, open source

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February in Chicago can be less than sunny, although the sun came out today

google analytics seems pretty easy

Log in to the google page and create a site google page. Then add the tracking code to the jekyll theme and bam site tracking.


There has been research done around the accuracy of optical heart rate monitors. I knew they were not accurate up past 150 bpm. This is because the blood is flowing too fast for the sensor to keep up with. I wear a fitbit charge 2 and have had it since launch. I like it a lot despite those limitations. When running I wear a chest strap and have audio cues to let me know if my heart rate is going to high. I have the tendency to push myself too hard and can get in to trouble if I am not careful.last week I started wearing a weight vest while doing my climbing circuit workouts. When I reviewed the workout data form that session it read that my heart rate was only an average of 115 bpm when the week before without the weight vest and almost the identical workout I was averaging 150bpm.This was written off as thinking that the workout was anaerobic because of the weight vest, although strange. This week I had a similar workout however I wore my chest strap as well. The results were interesting to say the least. I chest strap had my heart rate averaging around 160-170bpm for the hour and the wrist mounted sensor had me at 115 bpm again. I can’t think that is all sensor error, but perhaps it has something to do with the arms doing all of the work and the arteries pumping differently? I don’t really know the science behind that one, I will have to look it up later and get back to everyone about it. Regardless that is a rather large data variation from 115 and 170. Further investigation is needed.

DoD open sourced

Looks like the government is trying to get in the open source world and perhaps they think it might drive them some talent? Interesting enough to mention. dod github page

github open source guide

Github also released an open source about how to properly handle and maintain open source. opensource.guide