2017-03-06 git, splunk, lastpass-cli

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Git should know better and totally commit and add files that I was working on last night. I left an uncommited file sitting on a laptop at my house when I went to work today… Rookie mistake.

for ALL the repos

$ git config --global user.name "John Doe"
$ git config --global user.email "john@doe.org"

only for oen repo

$ git config user.name "John Doe"
$ git config user.email "john@doe.org"

git aliases are cool

add to your .gitconfig

  # Show verbose output about tags, branches or remotes
    # abbreviations
    st = status -s
    ch = checkout
    co = commit

# splunk indexing

# BATCH  ("Upload a file" in Splunk Web):

NOTE: Batch should only be used for large archives of historic data. If you want to continuously monitor a directory 
or index small archives, use monitor (see above). Batch reads in the file and indexes it, and then deletes the file 
from the Splunk instance. 

* One time, destructive input of files in <path>.
* For continuous, non-destructive inputs of files, use monitor instead.

lastpass cli

this github repo is pretty rad. It is a lastpass cli that does not kick you uot of your main session in your borwser. This helps when concurrent lastpass sessions is needed. lastpass-cli

octet for file permissions

hey I like seeing numbers for file permissions do you?

stat -c "%a %n" .ssh/
700 .ssh/