2017-02-27 nginx, splunk, docker, git

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Splunk and nginx

Doing some splunkjs work from a docker container, and hosting it out of nginx, which means I needed to configure a proxy pass using some load balancing in order to access the splunk cluster, this was a little tricky because of session persistence and https. nginx load balancing Luckily there are some good pslunk blogs out there that help out configuring-nginx-with-splunk-rest-api-sdk-compatibility and some good reading about splunkjs read them both using-the-splunkjs-stack-part-1

Splunk docker nginx repo

enjoy the repo and dockerfile check the build.sh and run.sh or just look at the readme splunkJS-nginx


I can never remember how to do all the git stuff here is some gitignore info gitignore and then using it ignoring-files

docker prune

macos and docker get messy after a while. An error of “no space left on device” will result if you need to clean up, apparently my cleanup commands were not doing their job or I was missing my volume cleanup.

docker image prune
docker container prune
docker network prune
docker volume prune 

nuclear option
docker system prune  (does them all)