2019-04-09 github-one-liner-and-powershell-curl

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Github releases

There is a nice way to get the latest release from a github repo. as long as it gets tagged as release. I like to be able to pull down the latest version of a release for specific code in automated builds. This helps that.

Use curl to get the JSON response for the latest release Use grep to find the line containing file URL Use cut and tr to extract the URL Use wget to download it

curl -s https://api.github.com/repos/hashcat/hashcat/releases/latest | 
grep "browser_download_url" | 
cut -d : -f 2,3 | 
tr -d \" | 
wget --no-check-certificate -qi -

gist credit goes to https://gist.github.com/steinwaywhw/a4cd19cda655b8249d908261a62687f8#file-one-liner-to-download-the-latest-release-from-github-repo-md

powershell curl

powershell can call webpages directly and return it much like curl

(Invoke-WebRequest -Uri "https://github.com/raw/something" -SkipCertificateCheck).content | Out-File -FilePath /tmp/something.txt