2019-11-12 git-codeowners-gpox

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Some git notes

I like git I user git a lot, I did not know about CODEOWNERS, this is a nice feature.

automatic PR approver to a repo

Adding codeowners can allow for automatic PR approvers for branches or all things github.com about-code-owners

You can use a CODEOWNERS file to define individuals or teams that are responsible for code in a repository. To use a CODEOWNERS file, create a new file called CODEOWNERS in the root, docs/, or .github/ directory of the repository, in the branch where you’d like to add the code owners.



generic example from github.com

# <filename CODEOWNERS>
# This is a comment.
# Each line is a file pattern followed by one or more owners.

# These owners will be the default owners for everything in
# the repo. Unless a later match takes precedence,
# @global-owner1 and @global-owner2 will be requested for
# review when someone opens a pull request.
*       @global-owner1 @global-owner2

# Order is important; the last matching pattern takes the most
# precedence. When someone opens a pull request that only
# modifies JS files, only @js-owner and not the global
# owner(s) will be requested for a review.
*.js    @js-owner

git push origin alias

gpox #short for “git push origin x” much like “git push origin master”

If you add this to your bash profile. IE ~/.bash_profile you can quickly and easily push to the branch that you are already in.

# <filename ~/.bash_profile>

alias gpox='git push origin `git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD`'

then to use it you would just add a commit and make a push like this

git commit -a -m "your message"
✔ ~/git/github/ridingintraffic/ridingintraffic.github.com [master|✔]
13:47 $ git co -a -m "trying to make it more clear"
[master eb4fe26] trying to make it more clear
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)
✔~/git/github/ridingintraffic/ridingintraffic.github.com [master ↑·1|✔]
13:48 $ gpox
Counting objects: 3, done.