2017-02-28 ELK? aws and openvpn

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There is this thing called elk, and I have no idea how to use it. I don’t even know where to being with ELK. I have been using splunk for years, I know how ot do all of this in splunk. But because the data I need is in elk and i cannot easily get it in to splunk I will have to at least start with elk and then go from there. I have started reading some of this complete-guide-elk-stack but my attention span is failing for today.

AWS east s3

Today aws s3 decided to crap itself, that was fun. Luckily no too much of my stuff was running there so I wasn’t directly influenced by it. However there were plenty of people on fire about it.



I have a lifetime membership to proxpn. proxpn They have a pretty good iOS and android application. I needed to access their network via openvpn because the ciphers and protections around openvpn are better than pptp for many reasons. There is a nice little bash utlity that handles some basic connection strings and running the openvpn client proxpn-bash-client If you would rather just have at it from the config files there is this repo instead. proXPN-OpenVPN