2017-05-12, akamai

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akamai user segmentation cloudlet

Akamai is a massive CDN. When someone needs to do an A-B test or a phased rollout a cdn makes things a bit tricky. There are these things called cloudlets that the cdn can leverage to do other magic tasks. One of those tasks is an AB test. Where when you have a cached paged the cloudlet can be configured to tunnel through the cache and send the traffic for a various experiment back to the origin. The real sneaky things come in when you combine audience segmentation with load balancer rules that do all sorts of magic routing based ont he fields and variables that audience segmentation can provide. Link HERE » audience-segmentation

There is a bit of a brief here: akamai-audience-segmentation-cloudlet-product-brief.pdf


akamai user segmentaiton can use regex but of course it is a very specific kind of regex. Syntax

ascii art is cool

Asii art or the creation of images and fun things with plain text. Who doesnt love ascii art… here are a bunch of on eliners that I am adding into my digital bullet journal in order to help the creative juice flow. ascii art